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If the roll was not Craps then the game will continue and the number that is rolled will be the so called Point. After the Point has been established the game continues till a player rolls a 7 or the Point.
The only time the Pass and Don’t Pass bets are made is at the onset of the game and the first roll is called the Come Out. When the Come Out roll has been made a player cannot take back his initial bet.

Craps Bets

It can seem a bit confusing with all the bets in casino craps and to the beginner it certainly is. However, it is not necessary to know about and understand all of the possible bets to play Craps online. Knowing what the two initial Pass and Don’t Pass bets are usually enough to get started and the player will pick up more bets with some practice. It is possible to bet on every roll but to do so a player must know what the odds are in order to maximize his game. You can practice online Craps by playing the free versions on our web site before entering any money into the game. This will let you understand the bets in a relaxed manner that doesn’t cost more than some patience.

The Advantage of the Online Craps Environment
A common feature of the Craps table in the land-based casino is that it is very noisy. Not only the players but also the by-standers get very excited as the dice roll. In online Casino Craps some of this noise is reproduced as sound effects but it will never get as crazy as around the land-based table. Some players may miss the noise of a land based casino craps game but many players find it being a great advantage to play craps online.